Degritter vs Humminguru vs ProJect

Has anyone had a chance to compare all three? I’m currently using the ProJect RCM with mixed results.

I’m also interested in reading what forumites think about this. I’m considering the Humminguru, as it seems to be a good mix of value and utility.

Try looking here -

PS. IMO its not very likely that anyone has compared these 3 machines…

YMMV, etc.


I have owned/do own all three!
The ProJect is very good, but just too arduous to use for me. It does a fine job, but needs a lot of scrubbing to get a good lather up for it to do its best work I find.
The Ultrasonic machines seem to clean in a different way to a scrub and vac; better in some ways (getting to the bottom of the groove), but visually not as clean as a scrubbed record.

Humminguru is a great value machine and does a significant amount of what the Degritter does for a fraction of the cost and is so much easier to use than the ProJect.

If you can justify the cost, the Degritter does the ultimate job and records just sound a good bit clearer than HG cleaned ones.
I’ve cleaned lots of records with the Degritter now that had previously been cleaned on both of the other two machines and they always gain something; air, depth, openness, clarity and separation. Simply better sounding.

Of course, none of them can fix damage to record surfaces, but you’ll get audibly better music even from poor condition records.


Thanks KJC.

Any point/value in owning project and Humminguru at the same time? Would records benefit from being cleaned by one and then the other?

Definitely, yes. I find they clean in different ways, so are complementary.
However, If you’re anything like me you’ll find yourself after a while just using the HG! :wink:


There’s always something like a Knosti manual cleaner. That uses a couple of brushes that physically contact the record, and a solution to suspend/remove contaminants. I use my Knosti on second hand records to lift the grease off, and whatever particulates it can, then follow up with the Humminguru. Knosti is about £50 in the UK. New records just get lobbed in the HG for the 10 minute cycle.


Ive got the project and HG.
Project ate its own vac pump last year and was fixed under warranty. Ive only used it once to test the repair.
HG is my preferred machine. It’s automatic, so you dont need to be there except at the start and end of a clean. The visual finish is excellant. It also does a better job of removing static and dirt than the project.
Id love a DG, but juct too money. The HG for me is the sweat spot.


I have the Project and Humminguru. The Humminguru has removed a lot of surface noise from LPs the Project did not seem to be able to. I have kept the project as any really dirty secondhand lps will get a clean with that before they go through the Humminguru. I think they complement each other in that way. Both are good at removing certain types of dirt. Given a choice of one it would be the Humminguru. I can’t comment on the Degritter but would imagine it would do a better job but I could not justify the extra expense at this time.


Anyone here used CGoldenwall?

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