Demo of Supernait 2 / XS3 / Supernait 3

Had an interesting demo over the weekend.

I am looking for a more modern amp to compliment my CB amps as an everyday driver with a digital front end.

So my local dealer had a used Supernait 2 which I demoed against an ex demo XS3 and also a Supernait 3 using a Naim streamer as a source and Neat Petite Classic speakers.

We listened to a variety of music across different genres. In the end I preferred the sound of the Supernait 2 - which surprised me! I found it to be the most musically interesting and engaging of the 3 amps. The XS3 was more brightly lit and upfront sounding and Supernait 3 seemed a bit “thicker” in the bass. The Supernait 2 just seemed the best balanced.

Anyway, I’ve now got it at home for a couple of days but I’ve already decided that I’m going to buy it.


Loving the Naits 1/2/3 and looking for modernisation this is exactly how you want it to sound :slight_smile:

I was very happy with the SN2. Enjoy. And perhaps get a HiCap DR for it. I liked this upgrade for sure.

The SN2 is really a great amp. Enjoy.

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