Determining location of music

Everything runs ok on the Naim app as far as searches go, but with 35000 albums on the NAS plus a Qobuz service Im often confused as to what I am looking at in the search results - is it one of my albums stored locally or Qobuz for example. Is there a simple way of seeing where the file is located after I have carried out a search? Its almost too seamless…!

I don’t often use the app but I think you have to access Quobuz separately. Therefore the search is specific to the area you are in - Quobuz or NAS.

Just taken another look and done a search from the Home Screen - the results from Quobuz have a ‘Q’ beside them. Also, at the top there is an option to refine results as ‘All’, ‘Quobuz’ or ‘Local music’.

Search results in the Naim app will not include music on a NAS unless it’s a Naim Core. It will include music on a USB drive attached to the streamer, as well as Qobuz and Tidal if you use them. These can be distinguished by a Tidal or Qobuz logo next to them.
To view music on your NAS you need to look in the Server input.

Of course, I have a USB drive attached which is why I got those results. Sorry if my post was misleading @peebee . Thank you for the clarification @ChrisSU .

Cant say I’ve really found the naim search on the app to be that usefull.

Well I agree with you now I’ve realised that the naim app doesn’t search the Synology Nas (I thought that was ‘local’ meant) and all I can do is go via folders. Suggestions for alternatives? Thx

I much prefer the interface of my node/Blueos app. Ok, so its not perfect, and usually takes me a minte to get back into it.

Thx … ironically that is what I used to use so will dig it up again

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