Devore orangutan

I noted that some members are using orangutan with naim amps. I m curious to have their impressions because I only auditioned them with a single ended 845. They sounded unbelievable but with a severe lack of details even if I know that John Devore designed them for single ended. However the famous uk distributor was suggesting to use them with solid state. So my curiosity is how about the naim marriage?

‘I guess it would work’ is what I recall John DeVore said to me when I mentioned the possibility of Orangutans with Naim. It didn’t feel like too enthusiastic a recommendation. At the time I was looking to buy some Gibbon Xs in the UK, but there was no distributor and the Orangutans were available here. Those Os were really designed with tube amps in mind and the Gibbon series played better with solid state electronics. I used to have both the small Gibbon 3Xs and the Nines and I can definitely say they work beautifully with Naim electronics.

I know nothing about Devore or their products (other than that they are made in New York City), but it seems quirky - to say the least - to name an expensive loudspeaker after a great ape.

Does Mr Devore have simian names for all his products? And is there any known reason for his doing so?

I think that Naim should get in on this act with a new integrated amp, to be released on 1st April next year, called the Naim Gibbon.

Gibbon speakers are also made by Devore. Check out his YouTube channel. Great stuff.

You MUST be joking, surely?

PS I’m so sorry, I didn’t read the original post carefully enough, as I see now the references to the Gibbon.

I’m a bit flummoxed now in coming up with a name for the 1st April product launch. I don’t think that the ‘Naim Barbary Ape’ would have the hoped-for clout.

Nope. Google it :sunglasses:

I used Devore Gibbon 3XL with Naim for a while. Lovely little speaker (now discontinued).

As @Blackbird says he has a nice YT channel called “Devore Fidelity” with mostly (vinyl) record reviews. He also use some interesting turntables and amps. And a Nakamichi deck.

There is some history behind the names Gibbon/Orangutan. The Gibbon series is more tuned to the solid-state scene.

Me as well i use daily 3xl but Orangutan is another experience

At CES 2013 he used a NAIT XS to demonstrate his Speakers.

" Given the highly sensitive nature of Devore speakers, the Naim Nait XS was a surprising amp choice, but it worked remarkably well, timing being spot on and tone in almost the same league. We expected the former, but Naim is not renowned for its tonal depth, so the latter was quite a surprise. With ZZ Top’s Tres Hombres on the turntable, this system was cooking – close to if not the best we heard on the first day of the show."

When I started with hi fi as an adult, it was with a Nait XS2 and Devore Nines.

But the Gibbon series (Nines, Ten, etc) are very different than the O’s.

I too see (and hear) the O’s as a good match with a small tube amp, not with Naim for prat.

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