Apparently I’ve earned ‘Devotee’ status.

I really must get a life.



I’ve only been here two days but my wife is already complaining that she feels like a forum widow…


You are now part of the Elite



I got that 15 months ago.

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Feb. ‘20 here. I haven’t had a new badge (that I noticed anyway) for ages, shame, I quite liked guessing what they could be for from the name.

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What’s required to achieve Devotee status? Looks like I’m only an aficionado!

I never log in and out. Just kept logged in.
Everyday I will have a quick peep to see if anythings worth further investigation.

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Visited 365 consecutive days

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I’ll never reach that status, during the holidays I don’t check the forum.

Chanting at the gourd for a whole year without a break.



That certainly sounds devotional to me!

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I googled that, but apparently there’s an issue with the days being registered in the servers timezone, not as timestamps. I.e. you log in on the evening of the 9th, and the morning of the 10th, which can be both the 9th on the server, so it will register you’ve skipped the 10th.

So it’s a badge that’s easier to achieve when in the servers timezone.


Such discrimination…

What I really discovered is that, although I didn’t have any social network (or professional) accounts, thanks to Covid, I got used to coming to the forum… And suddenly…. Those badges… keep falling into your lap.


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Just discovered that I have devotee status. Hadn’t noticed - I have no idea when it was awarded…

You can check if you want to. It was Dec 2020

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