DG Mono’s greatest Jazz albums

DG Mono’s greatest Jazz albums

Thanks. Checking out no 10, which I didn’t know. Can’t find no. 8 on Tidal.

Thanks for this, downloaded the ones that I didn’t already have.

Likewise, No. 8 not available on Qobuz.


Thank you for the list (Allow me to be picky please but the website says ‘…All-time favorite classic jazz’).
Cal Tjader FQ may not be available on digital but an LP rip is available on Youtube.

Edit: sorry, wrong thread.

Bill Evans: Tales. My favourite pianist.

Bill Evans was indeed something very special, but he looks like he’s just stubbed his toe on the piano!

(also, am I the only one who saw the thread title and thought Deutsche Grammophon had made a surprise move into the jazz market?)