Did Naim get it right with the 172/272?

Was thinking about the NSC222 and wondering how much the gang in Salisbury considered the 172/272 in the NC200 series strategy. Think they look back on the integrated streamer/preamp as a big enough success to pin the entry level offer on that approach?

I recall talking to a local dealer when I was getting back into the world of Naim and telling him I was considering a Superuniti. He told me that was a bad idea as mixing digital / analogue in the same box was bad, doesn’t sound great, blah blah blah. Guess things have moved on.

Just another random thought… :grinning:

It’s very common now. Not sure if 172/272 were early adopters. But it certainly paved the way to what we have now. Also power supply restrictions seem to have been partially solved ie there’s onboard power in a preamp now.

The new rega preamp will have digital inputs but still no onboard streaming from them.

My former 272/555PSDR on 300DR was such a great system that I many times wonder how much of a difference my current much more expensive system really is.

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Very happy with my 272/XPSDR with 250dr… I will change to ATC 40A, I hope the 272 will be up to the task!


Significantly I would say. Just going from 135s to 500DR is significant jump. So 300DR to 500 and 552 and NDS would be quite a big leap.

Don’t kid yourself that 272 555PSDR 300DR is not as nowhere near what you have. It isn’t.

Was never interested in either box but spoke to my dealer and several at shows who were of the view that Naim’s initial market entries were poor in comparison to others because they didn’t build in the ability to upgrade the platform etc. View was that a move needed to be made to be in the market but it was the second generation stuff which did build that in and got lots more right besides.

Thanks! I’ve put that thought in the wardrobe again, However, I remember I enjoyed it a lot so it’s still for the price a great system :slight_smile:


My 272/XPSDR/250DR gave many years of pleasure. When the ND5XS and NDX were upgraded to the new streaming platform, I was disappointed that the 272 did not enjoy the same fate and ended up moving to a non-Naim pre-streamer. Had a successor such as the 222 been around I’d probably still have Naim in my main system.

I was not alone in regretting the absence of a 272 upgrade when the 272 was discontinued, at least if posts on the forum were anything to go by. By Naim standards it was something of a bargain, too. In my biased opinion Naim sprinkled a good helping of their magic fairy dust on the 272.


272 (xpsdr or 555), mconnect, Ipad and… what else? :slight_smile:

You’re right, few higher end manufacturers put the streaming and pre into the same box. Naim certainly weren’t the first first but it was a very successful implementation, especially with an external power supply.

Given that new mid-range Naim gear has exclusively moved onto that platform, I think you have your answer as to how successful and appealing that format was for Naim.

Maybe too successful to be honest. It’s less boxes to sell and many compatible upgrade power supplies were already in the market.