Did your listening choices change during lockdown?

Working in a residential care facility for persons with ID during the past few months has meant that my music really just had to be a distraction and not anything demanding.

So I predominately went to my comfort music. 77-82, Sixties Soul and reggae/rocksteady.

I was asked to partake in a podcast about my favourite 4 ECM albums (based on a thread I started on another forum) and found I just couldn’t relate to those albums currently so had to decline.

New releases just haven’t interested me at all and any “new music” I’m listening to is “new to me” oldies.

Eddie and the Hot Rods are playing as I type, somehow Jan Garbarek currently couldn’t reach where Eddie and Co. do for me currently.

Did anyone else find their musical listening changed during COVID?



Yes they have - I have been prepared to listen to stuff in my collection that I’ve rarely played. Largely, this Is due to Roon making suggestions, but it also been a willingness to give stuff another chance.
However, I won’t be listening to, for example, the Grateful Dead, Stromae, or Madonna until the next enforced lockdown.

No change for me in what Iisten to, though the where I listen as changed, as it is all at home now as I am shielding at home.

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A little, yes, but not for such tough reasons as @Sloop_John_B outlines.

Having more time at home means I’m listening for more hours per day, so there’s chance not only to listen to my usual favourites but then go to the shelves I sometimes unjustly ignore.

I’ve enjoyed rediscovering my collection of John Williams film scores in particular. There were CDs I haven’t listened to in years - Presumed Innocent, Amistad, Always, The Lost World… a mixed bag of films, but all wonderfully musical scores.



I have got some Jan Garbarek on ECM, but lockdown music has been more old Genesis for me, with Giants of Jazz on in the background on top floor hifi set up, nothing too fancy, but a necessity whilst working. Actually quite a big difference between Denon/ Wharfdale sound in the home office and main Naim/Dynaudio downstairs, but at least i have listened to hundreds more hours of great music since the end of March!

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