Difference between your main and back up turntable

So wife’s out so I’m comparing my lp12 against my back up p1
It’s 4k against 4 hundred
I’ll tell you what it’s not ten times better
Where did the value go


It’s called the law of diminishing returns.


I have a P2 (now in daughter’s room) and it does a very good job of getting to the heart of the music. I also think conical stylii keep time really well.

You should find that the LP12 makes more sense of the music, but with some genres there is perhaps less scope to notice this benefit. The P2 is a good rock/pop turntable.

But HH is right of course.

Main system £7k LP12, wife’s system £2k 80’s vintage LP12.
Naturally the main system electronics absolutely blow the 2nd system out of the water, I honestly don’t know if I dare try moving either deck to run a comparison.
Apart from cartridge incompatibility, I am frightened by the chance that there wouldn’t be enough difference to justify the £7k price tag of the main one🫣

While a P1 is very good value, many owners of LP12 Sondeks need to have it adjusted.

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But did you really expect it to be?

These sorts of price / value comparisons are pretty futile. I mean does anyone buy a £1K mains cable expecting it to be 100x better then a £10 one? And how do you quantify something like that - how would you go about deciding whether it was 100x better or only 50x better?

If it’s better then it’s better. Whether or not it’s worth the money to you is only something you are able to judge for yourself.

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I certainly know what your mean. My Linn is less exalted than yours. Thankfully I have never put it up against my sister’s Rega Planar 2 (late 70s with wood surround) because I only have a Stageline S at my place and the Rega is fitted with an AT95e. But I suspect it would still be good to listen to.

The Rega has always sounded good when I have heard it. It has still been enjoyable listening to records.

My backup turntable is non-existent, my LP12 is infinitely better than it, which is good as it costs infinitely more too.


I kept all electronics the same and just swapped
Can you try yours

And…the threads on the benefits of downsizing turntables won’t be long in appearing…:smile:

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But owning both am I not allowed an opinion or able to raise the question
Is it not that the source is the dictator of the sound that being the lp itself
Does someone who has spent 7k have a god given right to say what’s value or not.
Or are they justifying there own spend to themselves

Of course. What I’m saying is that trying to quantify value for money in those terms, ie. of somethimg being “X” times better than something else or not is meaningless.

Everyone has the right to say what’s value or not to themselves. That’s the whole point. Do you need to ‘justify’ expenditure to yourself? I mean if you want it then surely that’s all that matters.

No, StageLine/MM on the Vintage LP12 and SupeLine/MC on the other one, so some electronics would need to be shuffled about.
Too much like hard work with all the cables etc…:man_shrugging:t2:

My main deck is a SL-1200GR verus my office system which is a TEAC TN-4D. The cost difference is about 5 times more expensive and to be honest, I can hear it. Obviously, the law of diminishing returns means the Technics isn’t 5x better. But it is a lot better.

Irrespective, I enjoy both decks immensely and use them in different ways.

There are interesting crossovers though. The arm on the TEAC is a bit nicer and it uses an external PSU so that got upgraded. So it’s not always the case that absolutely everything on a more expensive deck will be better. But as we know, it’s the sum of the parts together, not one single thing.

I don’t listen to my 2nd deck in the same way as my main. The main is in a more intimate listening environment and the experience is immersive whereas the 2nd is in the living room and music is either on while I’m doing something else or I’m just enjoying it for what it is. The SQ difference between them I never really think about. The main would be wasted in the living room as it’s not a space exclusive to me. The 2nd sounds great as well but in a different way.

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As said, how do you quantify value to your listening experience? I have three turntables, P8, lp12, P3 all in different rooms and systems.
Does the P8/GN/552/300 sound better than the P3/Nait2? Of course it does. Can I justify the price difference? Only in my head. :grinning:


One is a pretty maxed out LP12 with an ART1000, the other an SL-1200m7l with a VM95SH. One is going through a nice phono stage (Rega Aura), the other through the built-in ADC mess of a Selekt DSM (which I really like for digital audio). The difference is so massive I only use the 2nd turntable when I need to check something. It has maybe 90min of use after just over one year.

This is my main turntable.

This is my alternative.

There’s not much between them in performance. They’re in different parts of the house, so a direct comparison isn’t possible.