Different service and upgrade prices in UK and EU?

i am currently considering to recap and maybe also to DR upgrade my SC and 250.
Here in the community I found a price list from 2019 posted in 2020:

In Germany I got a pricelist from 2016 (!) in which the recapping and DR-ing is much more expensive than on the list posted here.

German price list:
dr-ing 250: 1499.-€
plus Recapping: 1998.-€
no service included.

General price list:
dr service and recapping: 1399.-€, so the prices in the German list are nearly 50% more expensive

So I called the Germany importeur to ask what list is valid, and I talked to a guy (Mr. H…) who said the 2016 list is valid. I said, the latest one should be valid.
No he said, because the German importer has to pay a lot for the very expensive parts coming from the UK.
Well, honestly spoken I can not believe that.
Well, the price difference was already before the Brexit, so it is independent.
And even with Brexit, there are no customs on imports from the UK.
I am importing Whisky from Scotland, so I know that for sure.

Well I feel a wee bit ripped off with the German prices.

Any experience with the service prices f.e in France? Or Austria?
Your thoughts?

My Nait 5 is currently being service by LASA in Piacenza, a Naim approved service center within the EU. I suggest to ask them a quote for the service work. They have been very responsive to me in proper English.


Another Whisky lover :slightly_smiling_face: Great! Hi!

Piacenza is in Italy, right?
To find them is very easy, the explanation is great, although I can only read the diagrams

Prices are like the German ones, but I do not know, if they include also recapping. Well in the PSU part there are only two caps, as far as I know

Ask them I’d say. They responded always within a day to me.

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