Difficulty updating to 4.7

No not normal, I advise calling or emailing Naim Support. It’ll need to go back to the Service Dept

As there appears to be no SQ advantage in 4.7, this kind of thing does not inspire me to update, even though I suspect the screen text problem is a rare occurrence.

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we are not all geeks as Mike. For me the last update took a couple of hours…

I suspect its a defect as a result of the work done at Salisbury & nothing to do with the upgrade.

I am not a geek, far from it. Connecting up ethernet & USB cables & clicking on a few screen buttons takes 10 to 20 minutes. I can only guess you are removing your streamer & other units for it to take 2 hours. I connect my equipment without any disturbance.

it’s not of course that part of the update that is problematic. It’s the downloading of the driver or something like that, before connecting the nds to the pc.

I think you might be having a joke m.coq, that really is the easy part; if you’ve done it before, you have the USB driver. The new revision is downloaded & you then extract (unpack) the new revision, & if you’ve done it correctly on the very first time you made an update, the extracted data will go straight into the Naim update file in your OS.

try with Harry, he will perhaps be finally convinced…

Just to put this one to bed, I had an email conversation with Naim support and the display comes as new reversed and has to be programmed. It looks like the display had a one off hissy fit and should be OK going forward. If not I have kept a copy of the emails and another conversation can be had.
As an aside I sent the super unit back under the 5 year warranty to sort out cracked optical input housings. The unit came back from Service with a new digital board to fix the optical input sockets and a new front panel because the existing was showing a pink cast, (this was not mentioned by me when it was returned). It also looks like the new panel came with a new display, which is a big bonus. So a thank you to Naim service for a great job at very low cost.


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