Digital Cable

Is the Audioquest Forest digital coaxial cable any good I am thinking of buying one to connect my Naim Unitilite to an Audiolab 6000 cdt

I’m sure it will pass a S/Pdif signal perfectly well without error.


Will it give the three states of audiophile matter, though? Solid lows, airy highs and a liquid midrange.

Don’t forget the plasma-like soundstage…

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Ooh! I don’t know, it might do. Finding out is easy enough: mute the amp (so the sound from the speakers doesn’t interfere), the put your ear right beside the cable and listen very carefully.

Of course it will cause some noise shaping of the RFI from the Audiolab going to the Unitilite, and this can change the sound of the Unitilite, but that effect is completely unpredictable.

Yep - the effect might also be inaudible.

Don’t know about the audioquest but i can really reccommend a van der hul optocoupler mk2, without a doubt the best optical cable i have heard and by many reviews other people also reccomend it to! The bonus being it’s beautiful looking too.

Sorry just realised you’re wanting a co-ax cable not an optical one.

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