digital coax to digital optical

Hi guys, I´ve great cd collection of classical music and want to play it on my MUSO 2 or QB, I´ve both. I am using Nad cd player with rca digital output, can I use a Coaxial to optical converter for my purpose? Or do you recommend something else? Regards, Karl.

I assume you’re talking about getting a digital signal from an S/PDIF output to feed the Qude or Muso digitally, and I presume the CD player doesn’t have optical out? (I ask because I know at least one of theirs does.) If that’s the case I would be very surprised your suggestion wouldn’t work, and given the nature of Q&M I doubt you need anything very sophisticated.


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If the CDP has standard Line Out RCA and the Muso has Line 3.5mm, just get a RCA to 3.5mm Jack interconnect.


Indeed the OP can do that in the analogue domain, not digital as I assumed he was trying (I’ve amended to coarify) - and analogue would be easier if his CDP hasn’t got optical out.