Digital coax to optical converters

Anyone have any experience of using one?

It would be for a very specific situation to connect a coax digital output to the digital optical input of my Sony D100 PCM recorder. This is the only digital input available. The only other option would be to convert the coax digital to analogue and then back again.



I use a generic Chinese coax to toslink converter between my DVD player and NDX2. Does the job nicely.

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I’m looking at a CYP AU-D2 for £43.

Just no idea of this market at all though and whether there are any pitfalls.

I think mine came out at around £11 (from the big river). If you want a much higher quality converter then something like the Mutec MC-1.1+ may be worth investigating.

Used several converters (in both directions) in my systems. All have worked seamlessly, none have been more then twenty quid from Amazon.

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