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BPO concerts

Has anyone subscribed to this or have any experience or comments?

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Yes, I have a subscription for 4 years now. Very happy with it. Our tv came with the Digital Concert Hall app - this was nice. Then I got a s/h Naim AV2 with a power amp and this made the experience very good.

Its a/the guilty pleasure for me.


Yes, I’ve subscribed for two years now. You can download the app to most smart TVs. I use the optical output from the TV to feed my Gen 1 muso and set the TV sound accordingly. I enjoy the visual part of the performance and I like the discussion with the players in the archive. Petrenko is a wonderful conductor. I began subscribing when I could no longer attend live CBSO concerts, but streaming live or from the archive is excellent value. It isn’t a concert hall, but I enjoy the experience and a taste of Berlin which I’ve not visited for 20 years. A good internet connection and suitable smart TV are essential naturally.

By the way Mark, this thread could have gone in the Home Theatre Section, there have been previous comments on concert streaming.

My current Naim kit is very modest, but works! Later gear would require HDMI ARC and on your T V (though an optical connection is still possible).

I have the Digital Concert Hall app on my phone too, though I don’t use this to watch. You can get a reminder of live concerts if you wish. Derek/ Stokie

Thanks alot for the replies.
We regularly went to concerts at the Alte Oper in Frankfurt and Stadtstheater in Darmstadt. This stopped with Covid and I miss going to live performances.
I have the app on a smart TV and like you for internet streamed stuff, I need an optical connection.
Good point about putting under streaming. I started under Music Room and it’s a bit late. Maybe someone could move it there and/Or merge it with an existing thread.
I always knew about this but never really followed through with it and it was only by someone asking that I posted this thread as a renewed interest in it.

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I’d recommend streaming the free concert to set up your equipment, if you have not already done so. Then you will be able to see if it is for you.

You should be able to move the thread yourself with the pencil editing tool. Or ask @Richard.Dane if you wish.

I’ve not been to a live classical concert since Pre-COVID. Though I hope to arrange something this next year. Derek

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