Digital Interference Sound

Hi All,

Ive got a strange problem that I’m tearing my hair out diagnosing and was wondering if somebody had encounter something similar.

My setup is 72/90/hi-cap.

Every 15 seconds or so I’m getting 3 beeping noises coming out the speakers. I’ve tested the system on completely isolated power, and with a nac 62 (and it doesn’t happen).

The noise sounds just like when your mobile rings too close to a cheap system, like electrical/digital interference, but 3 distinct beeps with regular intervals. It’s driving me absolutely mad.

Any ideas?

I’ve uploaded a video demonstrating the sound here -

I’ve had a listen but no idea what it might be, though to me it doesn’t sound anything like my recollection of mobile phone handshaking, which is the only phone noise I’ve ever heard picked up through any music system. The sound to me is reminiscent of someone tapping with letterbox flap in lieu of a bell or knocker, or a ventilation backdraught flap flapping under very windy conditions, but that of course doesn’t help as either would be direct sound not through the hifi.

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I have experienced this many many times and, in my case, it was root caused. When my phone or tablet is nearby, when it polls for connections ever few seconds there is a series of high frequency blips and whines.

At another desk, I had a similar problem with a blutooth device in proximity to the amp. If the devices are close to the turntable and the amp is on the phono input, the problem is even worse. I can even tell when my smartphone is about to ring because right before it does, there is a click-click-brr-click pattern through the speakers.

I would be looking for wireless devices (but not necessarily WiFi) that are within porximity to the amp. If none, it may be another device in the house polluting the ground plane over earth itself or neutral. But my money is on proximity to cellular devices.



I had this problem with my sky box.
Is that anywhere near it?



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Or is your system on an adjoining wall with a neighbour? They may have something plugged in and it is close enough to affect your HiFi?

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It doesn’t sound electronic. Hard to tell through an iPhone. Does the unit have a fan in it? Or is there a hard drive in the area?
If it was me I’d disconnect EVERYTHING from the amplifier disconnect power wait 5 minutes. Hook power to amp , listen to the amp. Power off the amp and add preamp. Power up. Any noise? Power it off add speakers. Any noise? If it’s all quiet.?” Add one piece of gear at a time.
Also any new appliances or computers even lights?

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Yes this sounds like electronic RF break through… it can be a b*gger to deal with. I have been here before, though it wasn’t hifi being affected.

First thing I suggest is try and isolate what component is being impacted. Is it source or amp. If amp you can try and reorientate the amp and/or speaker cables… does that affect things?

If still no joy, try and find the source… one method is an AM radio on either LW, MW or SW and tune off station and see if you hear those repeating tones… you might find one of the bands more sensitive than other (depending on what is causing it), … then wonder around the house or even outside to locate where signal appears stronger… do check things like smart meters etc… and it might not be yours even.
Yes I have done this before… in my case it was a Powerline over Ethernet deployment about 200 yds away… though I think they have improved since then, and thankfully largely fallen out of fashion through being mostly obsolete now.