Digital out on ND5SX2 stopped working

I have an external dac connected to my nd5sx2 but it suddenly stopped working. I checked the dac in a second system and it works fine so I can only assume the digital out on the streamer has stopped working. The streamer works fine using the onboard dac.

I powered the unit off/on and it didn’t fix the problem. The firmware is up to date. Anyone experience this before and have suggestions about what might be going on and what I might do to try to fix it before I send it off for service?

Thanks in advance.

It’s really obvious, but that setting is on/off in the output options - if that’s not working then I believe it’s controlled by a relay that might be broken.


Thanks @robert_h then it appears I have a bad relay. I don’t have a lot of luck with Naim streamers and relays. I had a NDX that needed one replaced and now my nd5sx2 as well.

There seems to be a long and ever increasing line up of people with the same problem. My din failed on my NDX2, thankfully the RCA connection still works but it doesn’t give you a lot of confidence.


I would try a factory reset before you send it off for repair. That won’t cure a faulty relay or other hardware failure, but it might just cure a software glitch.

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Thanks @ChrisSU I will give that a try

Have you actually checked that the digital output is enabled? I only ask because I once had a CDX2 that would switch from din to phono all by itself.

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Obviously you will need to re-enable the digital output after doing this!

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Thanks @HungryHalibut I have done that. Hoping the reset will do the trick.

Same here.


@Jubei did you require a repair or did the factory reset work? I am away until tomorrow so won’t get to try the reset for a bit.

I think I have a slightly different case from yours. I was referring to @Pete_the_painter’s post - I have the same DIN failure and resorted to using RCA connection.

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Looping back on this. The problem wasn’t the streamer. I borrowed another dac and digital cable to run some diagnostics. Turns out the cable was the problem as it worked for a short time then stopped on the replacement dac while using my Uniti core as a source. Swapped out cables, reconnected the streamer and no problems since. Odd that a cable would suddenly start working intermittently but anything is possible!

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Not really odd. Cables can cause issues, but you don’t need to pay snake oil prices. Just make sure you use good quality cables intended for digital signals that are 75 Ohm with the right connectors on each end.

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Solid advice @cephas