Digital Signal Locked

I have a UnitiQute that I use primarily as a DAC from my BluRay and Sky Q box into my Nova .

Yesterday this signal appeared -and no sound came out

I rebooted both Sky and UnitiQute , no success - took out the optical cable and re-inserted it no success .

Then I switched the BluRay player on - that is served through another input (obviously) and sound emerged !!!
Switched back to the input that had been previously blocked and sound came out.

I can see that I am not the first …

Anyway, I thought I would mention it -

Ian, I can’t respond to you. But I wonder why you need still the Uniqute as you have already the Nova.
Can’t you connect your Nova to your BlueRay and Sky box , with digital out?

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Hello ,

It’s because of the mass of wires , between the audio and the audio visual.

I got the UnitQute (second hand) before the Nova , to act as a DAC -and here it’s remained

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I believe the locked state means its connected not as in locked out. When I switch to my TV input without the TV switched on, it states not connected. When I power on the TV it states digital signal locked & the audio commences…

Ah, there was no audio or indeed internet radio - it was if the entire piece of kit had frozen

It was very strange , now working fine

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