Digital Streaming 272 and Naim DAC

Hello guys,

I have a question about the preliminary stage 272. Is it possible to direct the digital signal from the streamer to the Naim DAC and then listen to it via Audio IN via the preamplifier section or do I need a streamer that I connect to the DAC?

I could certainly not stream directly via the Naim app - but better via the Tidal app.

Has anyone done that before?
Thanks FrankK

Unfortunately the 272 won’t let you loop in the Naim DAC like that.

You either have to use the 272 as a Preamp for the DAC or use it as a digital source to the DAC.

Thanks for this quick response - I had already thought that. Is there a streamer that is recommended? If necessary, outside the Naim universe?

I’m using a Primare NP5 MK2 with an ndac. It’s very good, cost £500 including Ifi power supply.

Some forum members have added it to legacy Naim streamers to improve functionality and found it also improved sound quality.

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