Din 5 to 4 rca for tape in and out

I want to make my own DIN 5 to dual RCA connectors to connect my 82 to a tape deck for play and record. Does anyone know what 4 conductor cable I can use? I have the DIN and RCA connectors. Any guidance would be appreciated. Thank you.

Just buy one, save the hassle.


This cable is probably the most difficult of all to make. Not a challenge I would taken on. But YMMV…

I have no idea what cable you should use. Sorry.

I would agree with @Neilb1906 .

It really is not worth the trouble making one as you need to get 4 individual screened cables into the din plug and solder them on. If you want a naim locking plug they are usually available secondhand if you are not fussy there are plenty of new ones on line at various prices.

I bought a cheap one for about £10.
Works fine.

Thank you all very much - not encouraging but perhaps good realistic advice I will take. Also, the comments at least somewhat justify the $650 USD price I was quoted for such a connector here in the colonies. Thank you all again. P. S. I did buy the inexpebsive one on ebay uk but it is very short.

That’s expensive! They are fiddly but not that fiddly!
This one is £26.50 for 1m length plus shipping.

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