DIN Cables

Has anyone any experiance with the DIN to RCA cables (Chord etc.) as opposed to RCA to RCA for Naim to non Naim? Just wondering if there are any sonic gains to be had?

I have a Chord Clearway DIN-RCA to my Pro-Ject DS2B headphone amp and I am happy with it and currently feel no need to change it. To be fair I don’t have a Naim lead to compare it with, the only other one I have is another Chord, an old Cobra DIN-RCA. Typical of Chord, they have good build quality, a solid reputation and tend to work well with Naim.

I had to order the Clearway from a reputable HiFi shop, as it was not readily available off the shelf. When ordering you just need to be very clear on the cable direction. As the build is very important I would avoid the raft of leads available from certain well known online sites! You know the ones.

Sorry I can’t be more help than that.

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Yes, I have the Naim Hi-line DIN-RCA from my ND555 to Sugden DAP 800 pre amp.

Very pleased with the performance and SQ and a step up from Naim lavender DIN-RCA.

I’ve not tried Chord DIN-RCA cables aside from an old Chord crimson (which I prefer to Naim lavender BTW).


I use a Mojo 2 + Poly as my main source into my SN3 and up until recently used a 3.5mm mini jack to RCA cable to link the two. It wasn’t a bargain cable either.

I was well aware from much reading on here that DIN was considered to be superior to RCA but put off trying this out because, surely it wont make that much of a difference, right? I wasn’t expecting any significant improvement at all when I decided to trial an Audio Quest Big Sur 3.5mm mini jack to DIN cable a few weeks ago.

How wrong I was. It will certainly NOT be sent back to the shop.

I’m a big Naim Lavender fan, but have found that Gothic Audio’s Ella DIN->DIN interconnect was a clear step above.

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