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Hi all, complete newbe here so after some basic advice, just bought a nait xs 3, struggling to fathom out which din plug I need to connect to my planar 3 ( should I have got one with it ? ) or do they only come with whatever naim source you buy I.e. steamer or c.d. player thanks for your patience kev

Unless it’s an early one, or one that has been used with a very old amp, your Rega Planar 3 will likely come with an arm lead terminated in a pair of RCA Phono plugs. You connect these to the PHONO IN RCA Phono sockets on the NAIT XS3. Note that the Phono stage inside the NAIT is MM only, so you should have a MM cartridge fitted to the Rega. Do you know which cartridge you have on the Planar 3?

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Yes it is mm, so unless I’m going to use a power amp and or pre amp I stick with the two pin red and black cable ? Thanks

You have no alternative as the phono lead connects directly to the Rega arm. Just plug it in and off you go.

If your next question is ‘what do I do about the ground connection on the XS3?’, the answer is don’t worry about it, as the Rega ground goes via the two phono leads.

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Yes, Red is usually for right. Just plug straight into the PHONO IN sockets. Check the tracking force and bias is right on the Planar 3. Connect up your speakers with some suitable speaker cable to the 4mm speaker output sockets on the NAIT (make sure you note LEFT and RIGHT - see image above) and you’re good to go.

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It’s a great amp, hope you enjoy it! Had mine just over 3 weeks, really sounding nice now :slight_smile:

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Thanks, sure I will

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Thanks for that,naim booklets are a tat indecipherable to a newbie :+1:

Its part of the cunning plan… :smirk:

Years ago, you were lucky to get 1 sheet of A4… If that.


When I were a lad…

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