Din or rca to CD player

My nait 3 has din connection to arcam cd Player rca connection.
Can this still be used in a naim cd5i or should I purchase a din to din.
It’s a used cd5i. What difference could I expect?

Use the supplied interconnect that comes with the CD5i - lavender/grey DIN interconnect. The advantages of a DIN lead (with DINs at each end) in the context of a Naim system are such that’s it would daft to use anything else.

Richard. It’s a used cd5i. Hasn’t got that cable.
My cable from my nait3 has Din into amp and rca into my arcam, which I’m replacing.
Can I just use the rca into the naim CD player.? The output from the cd.
Still using the Din end, into my naim amp?

OK, a shame that it didn’t come with its interconnect though. The RCA to DIN cable will probably work, but may not be optimal, so I would look to get the proper Naim interconnect somehow. Usually plenty for sale secondhand. Make sure you assign the RCA outputs - you can assign DIN O, RCA oo, or both O oo. Having both selected is a performance compromise though, so best select one or the other.

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