DIN - RCA cable reversible?

Hi, I have a DIN - RCA cable that I used for a while to connect the DIN output of an ND5-XS2 to the RCA input of a non Naim amp. Can I use it in reverse, specifically to connect the RCA (pre) output of an AV amp to the DIN input of a NAC282 ?

Here are the pin diagrams for both. They are the same so yes it will work … barring any belief in directionality of the wire itself.

I don’t think it will work. The Tape, A/V and Aux 1 outputs are dual purpose. One side is input and the other is output. I needed a cable connecting DIN out of the A/V DIN socket on my NAC 552. I tried using a DIN to RCA cable that worked with DIN out of my ND555 into my headphone amp and wouldn’t work going from DIN A/V out of my NAC 552 into the HP amp. I had to buy one designed to use the A/V output.
Chord and other manufactures can make you a cable that will work. I bought one from Israel that was pretty cheap ($210). Check their website and you will see they make two configurations of the DIN to RCA cable.

As Robert says, your cable will work as you are utilising the same pins (output on source, input on pre) on the DIN socket in either application.

Whilst you could use it to take the output from a Naim source, the same cable couldn’t be used to take the output from a Naim preamp tape / Av socket, which is why Leatherneck needed a cable wired to use the output pins on these sockets on the pre amp.

Thanks (this is such a useful forum). I’ll give it a go when I get the 282. Cheers

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