So going from NDX to preamp is DIN to RCA better than RCA to RCA or what?

I was thinking DIN to RCA but opinions please :slight_smile:

DIN to RCA IMHO - Other more experienced and our leader have posted in that sense.
That is also what I have with SL from 555 to A+ :sunglasses:

Chag -

I’d be fascinated to hear from those who’ve tried RCA-RCA vs RCA-DIN versions of the same cables.

I got a Chord RCA-RCA Shawline at the Bristol show and am unimpressed - sounds worse than a 20 year old Chord RCA-DIN I have and is probably going to be exchanged either for an Audioquest or something considerably more expensive. Could it be I really needed the out of stock RCA-DIN?

(Linn Linto to NAC 282)

So the consensus seems to be DIN-RCA… so the next question is which brand/make of cable to go for.

Suggestions please :slight_smile:

Do you have a budget in mind?

£100-£200… that sort of ball park anyway.


The standard Naim DIN to RCA is around gbp275 which you will need to order from your friendly neighbourhood Naim dealer. Next up the food chain is the Naim HiLine which is just under gbp800. I would go with the standard Naim cable , you can’t really go wrong staying with Naim. On the other hand if you feel uncomfortable with the prices you might try ordering a set from Flashback cables …an honest no frills cable maybe around the gbp50 mark. There must be some Chord variants in whichever price range you are aiming for as well. I have a pair of Chord reference/signature rca to din cables but frankly they never impressed me. You might also start searching on line for a used pair of Naim cables to see if you can find a bargain.

Hope this helps



I’m thinking you can’t go wrong with the NAIM option.

Chord have a couple of products, one at c. £100 and another at c. £200 but NAIM sounds the ‘safe’ bet :slight_smile:

I’d agree with that!

Don’t forget to ring around some of the dealers. They may have exactly what you want on sale either as an ex demo or as a used item.

Flashback great

Well it’s funny you should mention Flashback. This morning I found a 50cm NAIM 5/DIN - RCA in my cables box. So I’ve been running TQ Black RCA-RCA and Flashback DIN-RCA as a back-to-back comparison, flicking back and forth on the pre-amp and, tbh, I can’t hear a difference! Blame this on my system or my late-50s (age) ears or whatever but I can’t tell which is which! Considering this is a twenty five quid cable vs the several hundred quid RCA-RCA TQ Blacks it’s quite telling. It might be that DIN-RCA output is better than RCA-RCA so the cheaper DIN cable is coming across so good i.e. a better DIN-RCA might well show a difference between the two types.

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I paid around 125 quids for a brand new Naim din/rca as far as a couple of years ago

Oops, yes you’re right for a 2m length. Thanks for the correction. The price I quoted erroneously was for a 5m long cable.

One of the online sellers has Naim Interconnect Cable 2 x RCA to 5 Pin DIN for £105!! I think I’ll do it.

Actually tested this one: DIN-DIN vs RCA-RCA of Naim’s SuperLumina. Running off the same NDS into 552. All equipment well used and run-in. When switching between cables, we also switched between analogue outputs on the NDS.
And… no difference whatsover… came as a surprise to both my friend and I…

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That does surprise me. I used to run a Linn Silver RCA to RCA (hated the bloody things) from Urika to 552 and they were very much better with a Mayware Din adapter.

This was replaced by a Chord Sarum RCA Din after testing against the Naim alternatives. Obviously rather more expensive but waaaaay better.

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