DIN-RCA output issue NAIT 5si

Hi all,

I purchased a NAIT 5si and CD5si a few weeks ago. Great combo, considering it is the baby (sort of) of the range.
Connected it up using the supplied DIN- no problem. Then connected a second CD player via RCA into tuner input- no problem.
Disconnected second CD player, selected DIN via remote control- no audio. Connected CD5si up via RCA’s-selected RCA out via remote- now I have audio.
Now have both DIN and RCA connected from the CD5si, and even though I select the DIN input only -no audio.
Take away RCA’s- so DIN only connection-still no sound.
Any advice on what I am doing wrong- and yes I have read the manual.


Most likely failed input relays, talk to your dealer about getting it repaired.