Dirac roomcompensation with Uniti Atom

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Some time ago I really learned to appreciate the virtues of roomcompensation. As a matter of facts I almost decided to buy a NAD M10v2. Unfortunately for NAD, when I heard the mids and highs of the Uniti Atom it was immediately clear that NAD (with Dirac not even enabled) was end of story for me.

In my room I do have some low-end problems which I cannot solve with furniture or other kinds of damping. It was something that Dirac solved perfectly.

My question. Has anyone found solutions with roomcompensation (eg Dirac) in front of a Uniti Atom?

I am interested in applying the MiniDSP SHD Studio. The Idea is to run Tidal on that box and do the Dirac trick there too and feed the digital signal into the Uniti Atom.

Anyone who has done this trick before or has other idea’s to apply roomcompensation to the Atom?

Note: I am aware that Naim are not fond of tweaking the source signal. But to be honest… If it opens up the music for me I an interested to explore that path.

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Probably the best solution is to set up one, two, or ever three subwoofers. It is a little technical to get this right, but should pay off in sound quality. Floyd Toole discusses this in some depth in his book “Sound Reproduction, Third Edition, The Acoustics and Psychoacoustics of Loudspeakers and Rooms”. And it’s great reading whether you go that route or not.

I am looking at moving to NAD as I find the Atom too forward and fatiguing. I have tried everything I just don’t get on with it anymore. I much prefer a more neutral presentations these days something Naim doesn’t seem to do for me. I have the same issues with bass as you. As I use Roon I can use its DSP to even out the bass response. I have used filters created by Home Audio Fidelity and more recently been trying HouseCurve which is an iPhone app that works pretty good and creates impulse response filters I can load in Roon. But as I can’t use this for vinyl I want a full DSP system so I am looking at the NAD systems.

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Maybe the best but highly unpractical.

But when did a red blood audiophile let “unpractical” stand in the way of “the best”? :smile:

I have always liked most the NAD products, so it will be interesting to hear how you get on.

True but WAF is very important for a healthy relationship. Yeah I hope to demo soon but won’t be plunging in until summer time when funds should allow. I have 3 in mind to try out one is a curve ball AVR as I do use the Atom to also drive the front two speakers of my surround system and I kind of want one unit now. The T778 gets very good reviews for music as well as movies and looks to be on par with the M10 quality wise but I really like the idea of the M33 but it’s pricey and I will loose surround. I might not like any of them mind so who knows. I last had a NAD amp in 1988.

Thanks for the hint regarding the HouseCurve. I downloaded sdter reading this post some time ago and i must say it works very well eben wne using internal mic if my ipad. I have a small study where i work and there is no way i could alert the furniture. With this app, DSP and Roon my study became a really nice place for listening to music. Beforr that the spund was all over the place with very uneven an boomy base. So i just wonder if it is worth to invest in a beter microphone to or to move actually to NAD to have a full experience (as you listening to vinyl in my study is not an option). I wish Naim could give such option in their product.

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Its a great little app. You might get better results using an UMIK-1 or 2 Mic attached to the iPhone. The benefit of Dirac and other DSP (I do use Home Audio Fideliy) is that they can also correct in the time domain to fix any speaker phase issues. No DSP though can help with reverb and bad reflections thats room mod terriotry . Darko Audio’s recent journey has been interesting with him moving to a new location with terrible acoustics. Hi ended up using a combo of Room mods and a little DSP.


Well I bought the NAD T778 this week. It’s every bit as good as the Atom if not a better low end presence and grip and a less bright top. Much more to my tastes even before Dirac and I only need one amp now for both music and AV. Will be better when I setup Dirac. Very happy wasn’t sure it would compete but it does. So the Atom will be put up for sale shortly.

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