Disable lights nait xs3


I have the nait xs3 and also have the cool illuminated remote control. When I press pre and display the leds on the buttons and volume control go off, but the naim logo remains on. Can the naim logo also be disabled?

The light is annoying in a dark room at sleepy time and i imagine the sound being better without the lights.


You can’t disable the logo. IIRC this was for safety to show that the unit was switched on.

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:frowning: Already was assuming it will be like this. If I cover the logo completely with something solid infront the remote is not working anymore. What is best course of action? I just want to sleep in darkness. What part can i cover without loosing functionality? Where is the sensor for the remote?

The IR sensor is inside the logo.

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You just need to place something that doesn’t transmit light in front of the logo. Piece of wood, CD case, a sock…

I found it annoying that the green Naim logos emit far more light than is necessary just to indicate that the unit is powered up. With just 3 of them I could easily walk around an otherwise pitch dark room without bumping into anything.
In theory I guess it might be possible to cover them with a film that lets through infra red and filters out visible light.

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Just switch it off.
The logo light is for safety as well as cosmetics.

The internet says never to switch off naim amplifiers, so I just leave it running.

Me too. :+1:t2:
They do have a switch for a reason though. :zipper_mouth_face:

If only the bright green logo like the one on the Unitiserve was used throughout the range !
You place your two fingers over it to put into standby.

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