Disappearing bass

System is NDX, NAC52, NAP500 and Ovator S600. The last couple of days I have been experiencing a periodic problem: the bass on both channels keeps disappearing, or possibly just going very quiet. It doesn’t always switch off altogether. It’s hard to diagnose, because it isn’t all the time. It is on at least two of the inputs - I first noticed it when using my Logitech Squeezebox Touch yesterday. Today it was on the NDX. It sounds like a loose connection (the bass seems usually to rapidly come and go, as though the wires to the bass speaker terminals were making a poor connection) - though I don’t see where there could be one the affects both channels at the same time and in the same way. It happens with different music. This evening while this was happening I tried moving the cables to the 52 and the 500, but it didn’t seem to have any effect. I turned the volume up a bit, and for the rest of the evening (not long, about half an hour) it was fine. I shall see how it behaves tomorrow evening, but wondered whether anyone had any ideas.
The volume change seems unlikely to be what is affecting it - why would it be both channels? That is what puzzles me most - I can’t think of anywhere where a single piece of circuitry could affect both channels - unless it is a power supply problem, but the treble seemed unaffected.
Any ideas?

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Curious as to how long it has been since your gear has been serviced? Could be many things possibly. Hopefully you will get things sorted soon, and I am sure there will be some good suggestions from the rest of the group shortly!

The pre-amp and amp were serviced within the last couple of years. The NDX I’m not sure - it was in for some repair about 2 or 3 years ago.

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