Disappearing download files

Hi, on returning from a 2 week holiday I fired up my Unitiserve only to discover my downloads file had vanished from my Naim app on my iPad
It is present on the Naim desktop but is empty
The files are there when Unitiserve shows up on my network via my laptop
I have rebooted both the Unitiserve and my router but to no success
Any suggestions?
PS my NAS drive doesn’t show up either

Are the downloads stored on the Unitiserve internal drive, or on the NAS?

Holy cow, you are going to put fear … But are you sure?

On internal drive
PROBLEM SOLVED. I reinstalled Naim app,bingo downloads are back, phew

Good to hear it’s working again. For future reference, refreshing the UPnP cache on the Naim app might have sorted it.

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