Disappearing favourites

Qobuz “Albums” and “Playlists” disappeared from Favourites on my NAIM app. Again.

The Qobuz app still has everything it should have.

Is the problem with Qobuz or the NAIM app?


sounds like you’re not logged in - check Qobuz in input settings

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Nope. Logged in. Ten minutes later they appeared in the NAIM app again. :thinking:

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The Internet Gerbils were eating their lunch… Now back in their Wheels…!!!



network / ISP issue perhaps

Seems to be a few problems being reported with Qobuz, I experienced disappearing album favourites a few days ago but they appeared back almost immediately. The ’ Is Qobuz down’ thread mentions a few issues.

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Had the same problem myself a few days ago. No albums and no playlists showing on the Naim app. About 30 mins later everything returned. It has never happened in 3 years of using Qobuz and the Naim app. All very strange!

I have no issues with Qobuz favourites using Linn Kazoo.
I keep seeing posts about Qobuz issues which I do not experience.

I think you need to look elsewhere for the cause of your issue.

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I think it has something to do with running a VPN. I tried uninstalling then re-installing the Qobuz app.

When I tried to login it refused but allowed it after I disabled the VPN.

When I went back to the NAIM app., hey presto!

Are you guys with Qobuz problems running a VPN on your smartphone?

No, no VPN here. All very odd, the problem came and went of its own accord. I am now keeping my fingers crossed it was an odd one off issue :crossed_fingers:

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