Disconnecting speaker cable with amp on?

I know this has been asked many times before but a quick check needed, please.

I’m getting some new Ohmic plugs fitted but didn’t want to suffer the inevitable drop off in performance from switching off the 500 for a week. Am I correct in understanding that it’s ok to leave it switched on without the speaker cables?


Yup, no problem at all.

With the Naim SA8 speaker connector plugs you can even disconnect safely from the amp when it’s still on.

…and how about other amps? For me that would be the Olive 82 and Uniti Nova. They have banana plugs fitted both ends. Was told by dealer back in the ‘90s NOT to do it.:astonished:

I guess you could do it if you were careful, but it’s simple enough to turn off the power amp, wait a minute, pull the plugs, then turn it on again if you want to keep it warmed up.

Thanks Richard, I’ll switch off, remove the cables and switch back on. Phew!

Even with other amps, it’s of no concern if the disconnecting is at the amp end because once disconnected there is only a speaker at the other end.

It’s the speaker end you need to be careful of. If the positive and negative touch, most amps will suffer instant fireworks (oh a tired boss learned this the hard way with a Linn Klout). Naim amps can run nearly to a short so you might get away with an accidental contact after a few glasses of wine… or you might not.

Done it a dozen times with my 250dr
No issues at all

All done, no one died. Amps intact.

If the 500 was to be turned off for a week, I would expect it to take a couple of days to get back to speed, am I assuming wrong?

I think you may find it can take a bit longer, although I’ve not had to switch off the 500 for more than a few hours (power cut). My 300 could sulk a bit for at least a week if it was off for 4-5 days. It just sounded a bit “off”.

Nope. I reckon on about 10 days for myself system, the old 180 or the current 250DR.

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