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Not sure if this is the correct forum to post this, apologies if not.

I’m using iOS Safari to view and post in the forum. At the top is a banner for “Discourse Hub” saying available on the iOS store. Does anyone use this app and are there any advantages to non browser forum access?

Thank you for any responses.

The Discourse App makes the forum much more useable on a small handheld device. It’s well worth using it if you browse or contribute to the forum on an iPhone in particular.

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I find going to (http). community.naimaudio(.)com on my browser (Chrome) easier than Discourse.
I use this on both iPad & Windows.
But others will have other opinions so why not try both & decide yourself.

I use the app on phone and iPad and on latter it avoids an annoying cookie confirm request every time I log in on one device. Works well for me.

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Just saw this post, never noticed the app before. Now using it. Will see how it goes. Saves using safari on iPhone.

Interesting - I have had some right nightmares trying to post from my iPhone on safari with a near-invisible entry window! Might give that a try - though my experience with another app on other forums (forgotten the name of it) makes me hesitate a bit

Use it on both iPhone and Pad. Very good.



I use only the app in IPhone.
Works very well.

I view the forum in DuckDuckGo. Never had a need for an app.

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I use DiscourseHub for the Naim amd Roon forums. I don’t find any significant difference between that and Safari, but it keeps the forum page separate from the multiple pages I often to keep open.


Using iPad Pro and app for convenient access to naim, audirvana, roon, songkong and juce (c++ audio development) forums.

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