Discrete IR codes for Mu-so input selector

We are using Logitech Harmony to control everything. However, the Mu-so 2nd gen isn’t in the Harmony database. The 1st gen version is there, but doesn’t seem to be fully fleshed out.

I need to be able to switch the Mu-so to sp/dif input discretely, but the only input selector on the remote is “Next Input” which just loops through all inputs. Since I have no way of knowing where it starts, my only remedy so far, was to disable all inputs in the Naim app except ‘digital’. That way I can switch between streaming and toslink, albeit at the cost of Bluetooth and analogue.

Would someone happen to know the IR [hex] codes for ‘digital’ input?

Probably worth an email to Naim hq.

Yes, I did that already a couple of weeks ago but haven’t gotten a reply. I hoped perhaps someone here would know.

You could ask your Naim dealer. Naim should them with discrete IR codes.

Okay, asking the dealer did seem to be the proper channel here; the push is appreciated @Richard.Dane :slightly_smiling_face:. Unfortunately, the reply itself was a bit of a letdown, basically saying that because most people use the app to operate the Mu-so, there is no discrete IR code for the digital input.

I must say that I don’t agree with this, not just because I personally find it annoying, but also because the Mu-so 2 specifically is intended for use with other devices, namely TVs. After all, that’s what the ARC HDMI is there for. I don’t consider it an outlandish request, to be able to operate to connected devices with the same remote.

Ah, sorry about that. Could be worth an email to Naim themselves fully explaining the need.

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If you use HDMI ARC, you shouldn’t need the Muso remote, as the TV remote should wake it, select the correct input and control the volume.

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That is certainly true but we had so much problems with the arc connection that we had to move to do spdif. For some reason the TV more often than not complains that there is a communication failure if the Mu-so is playing something else when the TV comes on and then switches to internal speakers. If it’s the TV or the Mu-so that is at fault, I cannot know. FWIW, other arc devices work with no complications with these TVs (Sony).
So, the quick fix at hand was switching to spdif. I have removed all other inputs on the Mu-so, so that it plays only Roon and TV. That way the input traverse button effectively becomes discrete. Some of those inputs, though, were rather nice to have.

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