Disp function on a Nait 5's remote

Very kind, Max. Thank you. I will work on the details to make that possible.



Nick, obviously forum rules prohibit members providing items to other members on here. I would suggest you contact Naim support who should be able to provide a pdf of the manual. Failing that, flag up my post and message me.


what if I post the .pdf here?


Max, the forum supports jpegs but not pdfs. Better for Nick to go through the proper support channel, I feel.

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Ok, understood.
Hope that Nick can sort it quickly.

Just search online for ‘Naim Nait 5 manual’ and you’ll find a copy easily. You’ll find pretty much any manual, Naim or otherwise, like this.

Richard, by coincidence this is the second thread today, where product manuals are being sought and not initially found on website, so I have started a thread. The Nait 5 manual is there.

Product documentation - new website

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That’s great news SH. The new website is still developing so good to hear the Nait 5 manual is there now.

Thanks, all.

The Nait 5 is still missing from the list, as it was when I last checked. 5i and 50 are present.

Of course there are other sources available online, and I have used them in a pinch - often not as good as a pdf from Naim.

Holding out for my reply from Support. Hoping not to receive the answer that the Nait 5 is no longer supported, which I already know - I simply would like a nice pdf for the product.

Coincidentally, the day I bought my Nait 5, I congratulated my Naim dealer at his recent personal acquisition of a fully-restored Nait 2, also not present on the list.


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As in ‘can no longer be serviced’ or… ?

Hi, @AndyR.

Don’t take it from me. Assuming the worst for my own purposes on a 20+ year-old amp.

In the meantime, I now have a Nait 5 manual pdf in hand, from an impeccable source.

The Naim Forum and its good people are truly the best!

Thanks again to all.

No unity-gain on the Nait 5, by the way. Still, the three Tape Outs and the overall appeal win the day, for my uses.

EDIT: I found unity-gain. Thank you, @AndyR !


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The nait 5 does have unity gain on the a/v input. Press ‘mute’ on the remote while in ‘prog’ mode to toggle on/off. The manual is slightly ambiguous (the sequence is described in the remote handset section on page 11, but is silent in the main amplifier section); but I’ve just tried it on my nait 5, and the sequence works - although in the absence of any a/v gear I can’t confirm what it’s actually done!


I’m pretty certain it can be serviced, although I’m not sure whether the early TI volume encoders can still be replaced with the improved ON ones if they go faulty. Perhaps @NeilS knows for sure?

The encoder on my 2002 nait 5 failed and was repaired in 2012. I guess that would be the new type.

It’s flaky now…

Yes we still service the N5.
The volume is controlled by a standard analogue pot, however the audio signal doesn’t pass through it. It’s hung off a level shifter IC (the TI device), which drives the switch ICs in the resistor ladder.
We always replace the TI level shifter with the ON Semi version, as the TI was found to be unreliable in this application.
Symptom of a worn/noisy pot are small, random volume fluctuations.



That’s what mine was doing in 2012… :wink:

In 2024 it’s jumping (like it’s missing a step then catching up… ) when trying to adjust level, but stays put if I can find a suitable setting. I set it and leave it alone…