Distributor/ Dealer Quite Odd

Recently purchased 300Dr here in Australia due to discontinued stock from the large markups by the Distributor.
Added my Nac 272 and didn’t really float my boat.
Contacted distributor whom I purchased it from could I get a demo on an XPSDr for a further upgrade.
I was advised I had to purchased the item in full at a sale price of $5500 and if I didn’t like the upgrade to send it back and they then would offer me a refund only to realise it was a 2 year old demonstration model,selling at full sale price.
Is this how Naim dealers do business in Australia?

Certainly not my naim dealer of 35 year +

Impeccable reputation and service over all those years

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The bare 272 is nowhere near good enough to front a 300. To get a good match you need a 555PS. So. It getting the XPS may be a lucky escape. See if you can find a used 555.

Are you saying you purchased through the distributors retail outlet ?

Yes Addicted to Audio

Not good

Who is your dealer

Audio Genesis in Sydney

Harry is brilliant


Sorry to hear about your experience. One of a few horror stories I’ve heard about Naim and ADA. Just try and trade (a Naim) something. Blank look and a no. Hopefully the rumoured new distributor can attract some proper dealers back to the brand, but I doubt it.

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The new distributor is located somewhere in Asia I think?

That’s a wait and see scenario as all just a rumour at this point. Stock and service would have to have a local “branch” of some sort otherwise dead in the water before it starts.

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It’s more than a rumor, or?:thinking:

It maybe how some operate but not my dealer, if you’re in Sydney try Audio Genesis. Been my guy plus a few others here for over 25 years.

Absolutely no wonder Softibus lost distribution so quickly. It was expected to end this way from the start, and…voila. Crazy decision to leave NA distributors - everyone has lost.


In the NA and Real Music days here in NZ, it was basically for classic level gear that they would send or deliver themselves the boxes for home trial and then pay on deciding to keep, or return. But with the new guys you have to buy up front as I understand it, with home demos if spending a large sum of money ($50K +).

In the new Jason Gould interview posted on YouTube regarding the new classic range he calls the 272 basically a digital preamp with a volume knob while stating the 222 is a true analog preamp.

That is not correct. The 272 is an analogue preamp. It has a digitally controlled analogue volume control, but it’s an analogue preamp none the less. I’d suggest that either Jason wasn’t as clear as he might have been in his comparison, or you misunderstood what he was saying. Doubtless the 222 is better than the 272, but that certainly isn’t because one is analogue and the other digital. Anyway, I’m not sure it’s in any way relevant to the point I was trying to make.


You give it to him @HungryHalibut the 272 was a great pre amp

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I believe the point Jason was trying to make is that the 222 has a much better preamp section. They went to greater lengths to include a better preamp. I have no judgement of the 272. I’ve never sought to own one.

The video is public of course. Feel free to view it yourself.

What I stated is relevant to your point. You were suggesting that the 272 isn’t really up to the task of fronting a 300 dr without a 555PS helping it along. I was stating one of the reasons why which are the limitations of the preamp section itself.

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