Dita Von Teese

The Queen of burlesque: we saw her much delayed performance at the London Palladium about six weeks ago and she was a sight for sore eyes. In her fifties but still exuding her classical beauty. Once married to Marilyn Manson (who was eschewed for his promiscuity). Photography was not allowed during the performance but it was definitely a night to remember. Dita in a Martini glass splashing around is always a spectacle to behold :relaxed:


Ooh. Suit you, sir.

For those that are not familiar with Dita, here is the classic Martini glass scene:

It’s interesting because my wife was the one that really wanted to see her (I came along for the ride) and I thoroughly enjoyed the performance :wink::relaxed:


I saw her at the Palladium on her last tour. I didn’t realise she was touring again otherwise I would have gone again. She is fab!

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Sounds like a fantastic night celebrating the female form.

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