Diverse Vinyl

Just saw that Diverse Vinyl, one of my favourite vinyl retailers, has a rather excellent new online store. This could be an expensive discovery!


Is that the place in Newport?
If so I used to get a lot of downtempo (Tosca, K&D etc) there.

Yes, I’ve always found them really nice guys to deal with and they continued to have a brilliant range of vinyl during the “vinyl drought” years.

Never really used them online though as their website was, shall we say, poor. The new site is fabulous though, you can reserve stock, see what versions they have of each album (180g, 2x 45RPM, download code etc.) which makes it a lot easier to use than, say Amazon, where you have to hope they send you the cut you’re after. Well worth checking out.


Nice guys to deal with? They’re a horrible company and not pleasant whatsoever. When you have a problem with a pressing, you’ll see what they’re like. Avoid and use many of the great retailers out there. There’s plenty of them.

That’s a shame - not my experience at all. They have always been very friendly and helpful with me and I’ve managed to source some rarities - always in good condition - from them.

Not my experience either. I have returned a few LPs over the years. Never had any issues.

Have been buying from DV since 1996, I have always found them good to deal with, prices are fair (and there are often a few bargains to be had) and there is a good selection of records from the likes of AP and MFSL, should that be your sort of thing. (Added bonus: they almost certainly pay tax in the UK!)

Over 23 years I’ve had to return stuff maybe three or four times, and have always found it a simple, fuss-free experience.

Not sure I like their new website though… :thinking:

Yes, a thumbs up from me for Diverse Vinyl - have also been buying from them through the '00s when there were very few new Records on offer in physical retail outlets.
Turns out much of what was bought in the 90’s/00’s given it was pressed in such limited volume is the stuff now worth the crazy money for ‘ordinary’ records.

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Agree with those who say how nice the guys at DV are. Been using them since they first started both mail order and in person when I was visiting family back home in God’s Wonderful Country (Wales). Only complaint I’ve ever had with them was when they moved from their original shop to where they are now it’s near the top of a bloody steep hill so you have to spend longer in the new shop recovering from the climb and hence buy more records LOL Even bought records off them at Hi-Fi shows and my mail order parcels always come with a pre-paid return sticker should there be a problem.


They also have a podcast where they discuss the latest releases too. New this year so they are still finding their feet and so the show format is still evolving. When they are recording (during the shop quieter times) customers still come in and chat as they are being served and they just keep the mics open! The first few are quite shambolic, but that’s the charm as they don’t take it too seriously. Worth a listen…


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