DiY floorstanders for Naim Supernait 2

Magnificent :slight_smile:

I notice on yours that the base is slightly different, in that you appear to have outrigger feet. I would imagine this would improve the stability of the speakers, although that said they seem fine on my floor. Is your floor a suspended type?

Yes it is a suspended floor and I think the outriggers give a little bit more stability.
I also fitted cheap rubber feet to protect the floor which also helps to move the speakers, no trying to align spikes with the cups while moving. I have magnets behind the veneer to hold the grills which I never use, I like to see the drivers.

very nice pics and thank you for posting…

its nice to have a simple un-cluttered system i suppose…

Did you have to get " used to" the ribbon tweeter as compared to normal textile dome tweeters etc… ?

How is the sound on the HF side of things ?

The speakers look very good indeed - very elegant like the Taj Mahal :grinning:

best regards


No not really, I changed from Kef ls50’s because I wanted floor standing speakers,
which I think look better with the added bonus of deeper bass. The TL design suites my smallish room, the bass is more controlled.
The sound sounds great to me but not sure how good relativity to other systems, lets just say I am very happy.

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you are happy - thats all that matters…


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@anon93526344 The treble is really very good, without any hint of sibilance or harshness at all. Very sweet sound in the treble octaves and I prefer them to dome tweeters, without a doubt.


As a long time convert to TL speakers I concur with your conclusion re bass. Glad they are good for you - no idea if mine was the suggestion that started you looking at them, but IPL have been around for a long time, that alone tending to suggest they do something right. Yours look as if they’ve been finished expertly, and at the price they would seem to be a real bargain. Great idea having grilled holfing magnets hidden under the veneer (I presume super-strong neodymium type).

Made a pair of these speakers and painted them in mat black three years ago, edges barely noticeable but change of furniture meant black was out so my son in Cornwall is very happy. So I bought this pair ready built from Cheltenham, outriggers and magnets included.

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Well, I’ve toyed with the idea of getting IPL speakers for some time now. I’ve had TLs before, having had TDL RTL-2 speakers (and their bigger brothers, the TDL-4s) some years ago. They are hard to get right though and I used to have terrible standing wave problems in the listening room of my old house. However, these sound just lovely - sort of exquisite and sumptuous at the same time!

I have now had these speakers for two weeks, and have noticed that the sound is “opening up” very well. These just get better and better.


Is this a DIY speaker?

That depends whether you count paying someone else to build it is doing it oneself…

Then it is still a DIY speaker.

The speakers in the pictures looks like a factory (production) speaker. :smiley:

Nice work!




Hi Dave Your speakers look great and the price…well I love a bargain . What veneer did you use and who made them .
Thanks Again

Hi Dave. I chose the oak veneer and it does look really good. If you look at the IPL acoustics website, there is a choice of veneer, or you can paint the bare surface any colour you like. There are two speaker builders, one in Cardiff and one in Burnley so it depends on where you live and details are on the website. I used the guy in Burnley as he’s not far from me. I have to say the speaker builder in Cardiff is considerably more expensive and I believe he is quoting just over a grand for a pair of speakers, built and veneered to spec. That said, they are excellent for the money and I am delighted with mine.

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dear @anon93526344,

I can offer you an opportunity for more smiles.

I’ve been off this excellent forum for a while now as I got involved with the DIY - Troels SBA 10 from the ground up, and a Goldring Lenco GL 78 1973 vintage.

In Mumbai, all complete and partnering my SuperUniti. Took me a couple of years and a lot of midnight oil.

If you’re on LH, send me a PM.




Looks fabulous Rajeev.


i was looking at SBA10 some time ago and asked TG for the your contact but he would not.

I never thought this would be in Mumbai - my city !!

My handle on LH is the reverse of what it is here

@mod - please allow this conversation and exchange of handle information.

I dont know your handle - please PM me on LH