DiY floorstanders for Naim Supernait 2

@anon93526344, do you see the difference?

Can you make it like the other? (at the picture)

That photo was the one i took in haste to post on the forum but there was 1 area were we put some extra bracings and that bracing pic came in handy

I have used 1 layer of stickable bitumen and 1 layer of acoustic foam ( pyramid shaped ) for damping

Am waiting on speaker gaskets which i will use in between the driver and the front baffle in order to bolt it together but to allow some softness…

hoping to complete after i return home

was hoping to spend 25 Dec at home with family but no problems i will spend Christmas with my work colleagues at site ( they are family too i guess )…

will post more pics…next week

One thing - this sub is huge and i am planning to plonk this in between the 2 front speakers and that implies i will have to find a new home for my audio rack

My front speakers are 6 ft apart - as recommended by the manufacturer - the audio rack is 26 inches wide and so is the width of the subwoofer = 26 inches…


here it is…

It’s big alright.

Good grief! Is that subwoofer big enough? It would be enough to wake the dead!


I could purchase a pre loved Jeff Bagby Solstice speaker kit ( minus the flatpack ) at a price affordable for me and i am waiting on it.

It will take a few months to come as my purchase is in the US and i need to have it got over.

Hoping it will be with me by April or May this year…and in good shape.

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