DIY renovation help, please

Starting with the reveal here Show us your turntable
The turntable came from a job lot last century. It had been part of a built in cabinet housing Leak amps and tuner. Outwardly it was just dusty, underneath looked like the ancient ceiling of a smoking lounge. The only thing that would move the muck was WD40 on cotton wool.
I had to dismantle because the rubber motor mounts had all but disintegrated. That disclosed that in places the paint finish was flaking away and the motor was full of bits.
There are odd snippets online, the maker bring described in places as a garage workshop manufacturer. In that case, he was very inventive and worked to high standards. The machining of the platter might not have a Linn finish, but it is finely turned, weighs about three and a half pounds.

As you can see the motor was mucky, this is half cleaned.

Inside after dusting. Note the pipe at the top, I last saw something like this when a family friend renovated steam engines. Simply lifting off the platter, you can drip oil into the pipe and lubricate the bottom bearing.

The rotor is a close fit, 80gsm printer paper is too thick to fit between it and the coils.
At this point, my knowledge starts to fail. I’m guessing it is a synchronous motor. There are two Hunt 0.75 microfarad capacitors in series and a brown “thing”, that reading up suggests is a resistor.

I’m guessing, because the markings are simply 100 and then upside down, just out of picture an A, over 300.
I’ve not chanced switching it on as I have to finished the motor mounts and put it back together.
Either the “resistor” has failed, or my meter is faulty, as the resistance range will only register on open or short circuit.
So, if anyone can help, I have found a supplier of a 1.5 microfarad 400 volt start/run capacitor, but is the brown thing a resistor, if so, any suggestions for value?
Then, whilst I would like a Fluke or DiLog, money is short as I have committed elsewhere, can anyone recommend which of the many online offerings as acceptable, reliable?

Looks like .001uf = 1nf Hunts to me.

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