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Hi Audiophiles, I’m hoping someone has experience with building their own Broadband Diffusers? I’ve been reading a lot of blogs & it seems pretty technical & involved. I’ve built several Absorption panels & they weren’t hard at all. The Diffusers are supposed to disperse or evenly scatter the sound waves & they are also very expensive to buy. I’m motivated to build them but, there is so much info, materials, designs, I’m not sure where to start? Any ideas would be much appreciated. Dean.

Lots of tutorials on YouTube

Ya, why didn’t I think of that?? Thank You Sir & I’m really enjoying my Rega P8 which you helped me decide upon! Dean

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Glad to help. I use often YouTube when I have a technical problem. It helps a lot .
Congrats for your P8. A wonderful music maker !

Yes! Now I need to work on this imperfect room! As most are

@PeterR and @Thomas can help you too.

Ok thanks & all I have to do now is figure how how to contact PeterR & Thomas??

It’s already done. Because when I write @Avatar , they receive a message.

Awesome! Thanks again & Thomas’ room looks Amazing

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You wrote & . If you write @, then Th, you click on @Thomas and he will receive this message.

Acoustic fields sell plans where they have calculated the well depths for you. Alternatively there are plenty of calculators on line for qrd’s, skyline diffusers, helmholtz resonators etc.

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