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Last autumn I started the process of building an 8m x 4m garden room which I would use for storage and a workshop. I started by digging a series of 25cm deep trenches and filled them with ballast/cement. Now that the weather has warmed up I’m resuming work:

Do you like DIY? Please feel welcome to share here. Wishing everyone a lovely day/evening :relaxed:


I’m afraid Forum Rules prohibit the discussion of DIY on the forum :wink:


Keep us posted, it’s greatly appreciated.


Following retirement I decided I was going to do something totally different from my old day job. So I did a bricklaying course. One of Winston Churchill’s favourite hobbies.

Embarked on something similar to your project. Luckily I had an old Anderson Shelter base to work on.


Hi @Satori – what are you intending to build the walls from, and will any wall be close to the trees i.e. within say 5M’s? And are you planning to remove any of the trees?

Reason I mention this is that unless your have very favourable ground conditions (where there’s no material moisture change and no ground movement either seasonal or over time), it’s not normally advisable to go near any trees with groundworks/concrete.


Thank you for your concern. The entire structure will be wooden and although there are trees within five metres, I checked for tree roots before pouring the foundation. There was one large root near the corner but I managed to go around it (deepening the foundation on either side to compensate). The water table is about two metres below the level of the structure and from the appearance of the trenches that I filled six months ago, there does not appear to be any movement that will impair the structural integrity. Wishing you a lovely day/evening :relaxed:


Looking real good! Congrats! (Really impressive)
Time to fit a Naim in there now :wink:

That must be very satisfying, well done

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My last d.i.m project was turning this…

Into this…

Thankfully Mrs Deeg has yet to have anymore ‘we could do this…’ moments.


Lovely work and the alignment of those pennies is superb (the ‘random’ orientation also adds to the overall look) :clap: I assume you secured them into place and then poured epoxy over the top? Wishing you a lovely day :relaxed:

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Yep, initially cleaned in hp sauce, glued down and then polished, grouted, re-polished and the covered with a self levelling resin. Hardest part was cutting the coins around the edges with my dremel… in retrospect it might have been easier to remove the skirting and replace it when completed. Took about 3 weeks in total including resin drying time. Mrs deeg had seen a similar floor at the millennium expo and had filed it away as an idea. When we collected the coins from they bank they asked if it was for a floor so I guess theres a few others with them out there.


That certainly takes “spending a penny” to a whole new level! Brilliantly unique.


Just to clarify and remove any doubt here;

We do not permit discussion of modifications to internal components of Naim equipment and this also extends, at the Moderators’ discretion, to products from other manufacturers and electronic DIY discussion. This also applies to discussion of companies who undertake unauthorised modifications to Naim equipment.

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Thanks @Richard.Dane , it was intended as a joke, hence the ‘wink’ smiley behind my comment …

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I understand that, but the nature of these things, and of the internet, is that clarification is often needed.


Is that a pun on spending a penny ?

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Seriously? If you really did all that, as opposed to buying a realistic effect laminate and a tongue in cheek post, then I’m genuinely impressed by your commitment! Looks great.

It is genuine and not a laminate…

Work in progress shot.

Can’t claim it’s a pun, i dont question her reasoning, just file away the brownie points for later use :wink:


Absolutely! Top marks.
The use of HP sauce is sacrilege, apart from that very impressed :+1:

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I thought that was a neat trick you used to slip the coins under the skirting board.

Cutting a 2p coin - isn’t that one of things you can still get put in prison for - defacing legal tender :wink: