DJ skills practice on a hifi turntable

Anyone else catch OJ Borg standing in on BBC Radio 2 for Sara Cox on last nights (29/01/24) half wower admitting to practicing his DJ moves with ‘The Message’ by Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five? On his stepfathers Linn Sondek? I mean its a suspended chassis. It must have sounded like a mess. I mean we all did it, didn’t we? :confused:

Maybe some. Not all. (My hifi TT was purely for hifi use. I had twin decks when I ran a rock disco, but actually I don’t now recall what they were, nor the mixer, though speakers and amp I remember very well. Amp was my hifi amp!)

The Technics SL1200 was, and seems to be still, the deck of choice for that sort of thing.

Indeed a lot of the look alike copies are, actually cosmetic only and cannot be properly used for cueing because they are belt drives under the platter.

Pioneer also do pro DJ gear, including CD mixing decks. Their SL1200 clones are also proper direct drive DJ decks.

But practicing DJ moves on a regular cartridge? I think not. I’ve seen mates try. The cantilever doesn’t survive more than a few inches before breaking off.