DNM Resolution Speaker Cable

Anyone using this? It was mentioned on the NACA5 thread a while back but interested in hearing opinions and comparisons with other cables if anyone has it with their system?

@Xanthe is your port of call, has extolled its virtues for some time. Hopefully you can exchange comments and expectations.?


I have used it but no more… ultimately I found they dynamics a little sat upon compared to NACA5 with ATC speakers, but DNM stuff tends to be pretty impressive to my ears… albeit their kit can get a little pricey. It was Denis who introduced me to RFI in audio all those years ago… a fascinating chap to talk to…



It’s no secret that I like the characteristics of DNM Resolution in my system.

The most superficially obvious sonic characteristic of it is that it’s rather ‘bass light’ in presentation. With some speakers and for some people, this is noticeable as lightness and reduced dynamics at the lower frequencies, however for a few people this also translates into a sense of reduced dynamics at all frequencies (unless you use a sub) - this effect varies depending on how one listens to and perceives music.

For myself I hear a reduced dynamic capability only at the lowest bass frequencies (but only if I turn off the sub I also use!) so, with the sub in place as per normal this isn’t an issue at all as the sub provides all the dynamic drive I want. On the other hand I find the microdynamics and perceived resolution in the mid to high frequencies to be exceptional for the price. Given that my main speakers aren’t used to present the lower bass, this balance of performance is appropriate and it would take a much higher priced cable to give me a better overall result in my system.

If you want a cable balanced that’s toward mid-range performance it’s very good indeed; however if you favour dynamic deep bass from your main speakers and don’t use a sub, then it’s probably best to look elsewhere (such as NAC A5).


Excellent coherence
Rolled off top and buttom
Sounded OK on my Exposure amplication but avoid if your running older Naim amp
Its fine for valve amp and of course DNM amplication

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I’ve never found a rolled of top - it doesn’t sound brittle or harsh or add glare or otherwise exaggerate the top as some multi-strand cables do, but rolled off - no: it’s just neutral.

Thanks, that’s very useful, sounds like it mightn’t be for me particularly without a home demo. Now that I have better amplification I want to upgrade my speaker cable, I’ll probably go with the old reliable!

Hi Xanthe - I found the apparent relative dynamic compression across the audio range with my ATCs - the 19s don’t do very deep bass, and I am not sure there is much dynamic information there that I would be appreciating with the 19s with any cable - I do think this is speaker / cable dependent… however I am a dynamics junky :slight_smile:

Hi Simon,

Indeed, in my experience, and to my perception the bass limitations extend up to maybe 200Hz with reducing significance as the frequency rises, this can affect the perception of the dynamics across the board… and yes I also agree the effect is cable / speaker dependent. I also strongly believe that the effect perceived in the upper ranges is strongly listener dependent; as a self confessed dynamics junky I suspect you’re particularly sensitive to this! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

I’m not sure as I haven’t tested it with anything other than the 300, but I suspect the power amp could also be an influencing factor. I suspect a fair part of this is the relatively high resistance of the cable (compared to many others) combined with the fact that the profile of musical energy often (but not always) means that LF transients carry more energy and so require more current to be delivered to the speakers, hence the power amp also being relevant.

I agree…
BTW I quite like DNM cable for interconnects as well - and ran DNM DIN leads from my CDX2 for several years

Way back in the late eighties and early nineties I had DNM rainbow speaker cables and the grey interconnects, followed by Audio Physics take on both. Now I’m back with Vovox Textura, there is something these single solid core cables do, that isn’t anywhere else. They do have some weaknesses, especially long speaker cables into low impedance loudspeakers. As with most things, find out what’s important to you and buy accordingly :grinning:

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Probably not much help to you, but years ago I demo’d the then DNM speaker cable vs NAC in my system and went DNM. I liked the cable so much that I ended up buying the I/cs and then the amps, which I’ve now used for last 15 years. I did change to Resolution a few years back though and very happy with it.

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