Do Chord Shawline interconnect cables need a break-in

Hi. I switched from standard Naim Din cables to Chord Shawline going from my ND5SX2 and CD5si to my SN3. Do they need a break-in? If so how long?

Unless the manufacturer has broken them in for you, then generally yes, all cables need run in. I think the only HiFi component that doesn’t need a break in is the remote control :smile: .


@GadgetMan About how long? This is my first Naim system. Thanks.

About 3 weeks, but don’t be sure it will be an upgrade over the Naim original cable.


Do any cables ‘break in’?


@Igel I trust my dealer. We go back about 40 years. I don’t intend to swap cables for continuous audition.

Trust your own ears is my advice …

This is a HiFi thing, rather than a Naim thing. There are many discussions about whether this is needed or not, and if you ask the question, this thread will get very very very long. How long to break in will vary for different cables, and different people who you ask.

Personally I can see how it is important to give time for the cable to relax in its new position, having been curled up for who knows how long. Also I must add that I cant hear a difference, but happy to believe there may be and go along with it

Mechanical things and to an extent certain types of electronics.
But like most things it’s getting used to the “ new “ sound. :thinking: :+1:t2:
It’s amazing how “ burn in “ always gets better. :wink:


I previously used a Chord Shawline Din to Rca with my a Naim CD player (CD5 I think). I found this cable took a good month or so to burn in, sounded a little closed in initially. Chord cables in me experience are quite neutral sounding so likely to sound different to the Naim cable.

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@broomy Freshly hooked up, they sound less warm and less “chesty”. I can’t find the right word. Initially, I can see your observation of them being more neutral. Thanks.

My xlr set took 4 months to settle down so I would not worry to much.

What are the sonic differences between Chord Shawline and standard Naim grey Din cable? Can anyone say?

My Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8 XLR is still breaking in at this moment. It took about 3 weeks, approximately 50 hours until earlier this week before the sound got better. Before this, the sound lacked air and dynamics, overall clarity not good with excessive warmth in the midrange. Bass didn’t sound right and tone of percussion sounded weird and lacked air. In summary, the sound wasn’t fleshed out from the speakers as music sounded restrained.

I swapped the Wireworld XLR with my existing Acrolink XLR earlier last week as I couldn’t tolerate the poor sound quality from the Wireworld during its worst. When the Acrolink cable went in, music suddenly sprang to life as the explosive dynamics came back. The Wireworld sounded thin and flat during its worst days.

I am hopeful that things will get better when the cable gets more running in. I have now set eyes on the top-of-the-range Acrolink XLR as a final treat once I have the funds.

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@ryder are you suggesting the Chord Shaeline might take a long time to break-in! I am also interested in comparison between the Shaeline and the standard Naim grey cables.

So far my feelings about my new Chord Shawline are mixed. Sometimes I feel they are more dynamic and nuanced. Other times I feel they are @dry” and lack detail. Other times I felt they have better imaging. While at times I feel the opposite.

I only have then days with intermittent playing. Is this too soon. Will it take much longer to stabilize and show an improvement over the standard grey Naim DIN cables?

@jaybar I would suggest 200 hours as standard. I’m not sure about your Chord Shawline but my Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8 XLR is slowly improving. At its lowest point around 20-30 hours the sound was truly lacklustre. Above 50 hours the clarity got better but bass is still weak and smeared. Now at around 80 hours it’s sounding much better but bass slam and dynamics are still not quite there yet in comparison to the Acrolink XLR.

I am looking forward to an improved performance after it’s all over, around the 200 hour mark.

@ryder Thank You.

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