Do you listen to Gloria Coates?

I love the music of Gloria Coates.

It brings the listener into contact with the elements.

Please share your thoughts on this seldom-mentioned composer.

Here is an interview with her:

“…she taps into a wellspring of abstracted emotionality that the others cannot reach. […] there is an undoubted emotional richness present, which if not concretely knowable is at least viscerally felt by the audience.”


I must thank-you for this recommendation. To answer your question: no, I had not listened to Gloria Coates. She has a limited presence on Tidal unfortunately, but I really enjoyed what I did listen to. Where do you source her recordings?

I listen on Qobuz. And also YouTube. Both of the sources have pretty good selections.

It’s great that you responded as it makes me feel like I’m not the only Gloria Coates appreciation society member.

What a fascinating composer, great post. Off to do some research now.

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My thanks also, JD. Listening to Symphonies 1 & 7 (Prime stream). Intriguing.

May order her Piano Quintets & 10th Symphony in a bit.

Just ordered a used CD copy of her 2nd Symphony/various orchestral works inc Homage To Van Gogh…looking forward to it!

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There’s a good selection of her stuff on Qobuz:

I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

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My approach is always been trying to read the novels first without ever looking at the critiques or the jacket blurb.

Then finally read the biography.

Look at the paintings many times over, absorb them, assimilate them, and then finally do the research and read the critics.

So when I first came across Gloria I just played the music that I could find of it and tried to come to terms with it in a state of ignorance.

But yes now I am turning to find out more about who she is and what the music means.

I think it can add to the enjoyment of the music.

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Thanks for sharing! Did not know her, but like very much what I heard so far.

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