Does a 2011 Naim Dac need a recap?

My main source is a CD5si, but occasionally I use my Qobuz/Allo Digione Signature + Musical Fidelity Vdac. There is not much difference in sound quality between the two.

A local HiFi-shop has a Naim Dac (2011) for sale for € 1000,-. I think it’s a massive upgrade for my streaming set-up, but I wonder if it needs a recap. And will it match with my Nait 5si?

… and another question. This one looks like it’s made with the same material as my nait 5si, but I’ve seen pictures on the internet where the same material as the xs3 is used. Are there different versions?

Naim would likely recommend 12-15 years on the servicing. Of more import is to ensure the Firmware is up to date.

The casework used is made from magnesium zinc alloy just like the NAITs and the fascia is an anodised aluminium part just like the NAIT XS3 and the classic series.

The latest firmware update is installed. €1000,- is a fair price I guess…

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We recently purchased a mint 2011 nDAC from a trusted dealer. They said it didn’t need a service as it was operating flawlessly and quoted naim timelines as in post above.

However we chose to have it serviced both for peace of mind and because we’ll now get (hopefully) many years of uninterrupted listening from it. A Band 7 service is not cheap now though, nearly as much as the unit itself!

naim confirmed at service that unit was in perfect condition but did replace power supply capacitors.

1000 euro is 850 GBP which is a fair price for a mint unit.

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I think you’ll find quite a bit of a difference in SQ between the MF V-DAC and the nDAC.

The Digione Sig is a very fine transport, and if you do go down the nDAC route, then you might like to look at running it (the D1S) on the USBridge Sig, with a Shanti PSU.

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Hi Richard,
How do I know if my converter is up to date?
In addition,
Is there a significant improvement, between the version updates?

Here you go. This should have all the info you need;


My 2011ish nDAC is superb. Don’t hesitate.

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