Does anyone outside of UK serviced /repaired your Amp/CDP in Naim? How did you make it?

Does anyone outside of UK serviced/repaired your Amp/CDP in Naim Salisbury? How did you make it?


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I think you are asking about shipping Naim products into the UK for service?

Where you are shipping from is relevant.

Yes, it is. But why that where I ship from counts in this case?

Because there may be much better options depending on where. For example, maybe people want to ship from the States. That would not be recommended but likely is possible.

I see. Fortunately I am not in States, I am in Europe. But only people who are in UK can send back to Naim?

Whereabouts are you in Europe? Depending where you are , your local dealer might be able to help you and you can also try to get help directly with Naim Customer Services for advice. Good Luck!

First port of call should be your supplying dealer. Otherwise you should contact your local distributor. If you’re in a country with no distributor then contact the Naim factory (email or phone).

If you live in Greece or Finland, perhaps there are some nearer places than Salisbury to offer service for Naim components.
Long shipping is not the best to ensure zero damage during travel.
At least it’s how I feel it.

I’ve had that problem with a Hi-line. You take the equipment to the local dealer, who will send it to the distributor, who will then send it to Salisbury. Naim will repair it (avoid the Christmas period…), and send it to the distributor, etc. The whole process took months in my case, fortunately it was a Hi-line, not an essential piece of kit.

Apologies for my unhelpful response, I now understand the question.

If you say which country (and preferably what town/city) you are located, Richard can advise the nearest dealer/distributor (and repair centre) to help you with a repair.

My HDX did the journey from Sweden, my local dealer to Salisbury 3 times.
Repaired and returned in 3 weeks each time.

Here in Italy we have a great Naim approved service centre.
Just collectecd this week a '07 CDX2 with new mech and a '09 CDX2-2 serviced with new mother board. I still have my ’ 11 Nait XS there for service/recap. Two years ago they also did a great job on my '12 Nap 500 updated to DR specs.


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