Does anyone run an Altair G1?

I’m thinking of a second room Auralic and don’t want to spend as much on mirroring the Aries G1 plus dac in the main system. The Altair G1 with its on board dac may be a consideration. I was wondering if anyone has one and can comment on how it sounds against any alternatives you might have considered.

Why not ask on the Auralic forum? There’s a frequent and friendly poster there who used to run an Altair G1 and has recently upgraded to Altair G2.1. His amp is a Naim 200/202. I’m sure he’d have some helpful comments to make.


Thanks. Will do.
I have searched on here vs Naim but wondered about vs Node plus Qutest or similar.

Crossover from t’other thread.

I will compare the Aries plus Vega against the Altair if I get one, and report back on here.

The Altair G1 is an amazing bit of kit. I have only heard a melco and chord Dave but that was with different amps. Excellent (and probably better) as well but not able to do a direct comparison. I only have my cds3 and lp12 to compare against and it is certainly up with them

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